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Unlock the secrets of successful product management with our Product Leader Series. These three books will equip you with the tools and strategies you need to navigate and excel in the dynamic world of product leadership.

Boost Your Career With The Product Leader Series

Enhance your product management skills and advance your career with the Product Leader Series. Benefit from in-depth insights into product culture, strategy, and operations.

It Starts With The Right Culture

The Product Culture Pyramid brings to light the pivotal role of product culture in the success of SaaS companies. Authored by an industry-leading expert, this book is designed to help you understand, build, and maintain a strong product culture that aligns with your business objectives.

Make Good Decisions And Choose A Direction

The Product Strategy Bridge provides a comprehensive approach to product strategy. In this book, the authors, offer a step-by-step framework for aligning product strategy with business goals and execution.

Executing Consistently And Reliably

Product Ops Pillars is the first book to provide an accessible summary of what modern Product Operations looks like. You'll learn how to improve your team's performance and efficiency, which tools are essential, and how to design an operating model that will keep your company on top.

What Our Community Says

"The Product Leader Series has been instrumental in my professional growth. Its practical and actionable strategies have reshaped my approach to decision-making and leadership, leading to marked improvements in team performance and product outcomes. The series is more than just a guide; it's a career catalyst that empowers you to excel in product management"

Head Of Product

From Leaders In The Industry

As a Director of Product, Simon Hilton is responsible for leading and growing product teams to delight customers. He is also a Mentor at Blackbird Ventures, where he helps startups with product strategy, design, and development. Simon hosts the Product Ops People Podcast, where he interviews guests about their work in product management and operations. 


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The Product Leader Series presents concise, practical playbooks designed for immediate implementation. These guides cut through the noise, delivering impactful insights you can apply within an hour. 

Say goodbye to extended reading periods. The Product Leader Series delivers immediate results, equipping you with the knowledge to make an instant impact in your role. Discover the benefits of swift, actionable insights with the Product Leader Series.

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